Multiple Quads with same z Position

Hi, simple Question:

Is it possible to draw multiple textured quads at the same z position ?

I work on a 3d GUI. I use SimpleGame so the standard ZBUfferState is LessThenOrEqualTo…

My problem is that the quads are rendered very strange at the overlapping sections.

My first gui version worked with a multitexture solution but the performance was very ulgy…


To specify my problem:

          Node n = new Node("gui test");
          GraphicsTool.createZBufferState(n, ZBufferState.TestFunction.Always);
          Quad q = new Quad("f", 10, 10);          
          q.setRenderState(GraphicsTool.createTextureState(TextureManager.loadTexture(new File("res/sonnenuntergang.jpg").toURI().toURL())));
          Quad q2 = new Quad("f", 10, 10);          
          q2.getLocalTranslation().x = 5;
          q2.setRenderState(GraphicsTool.createTextureState(TextureManager.loadTexture(new File("res/window.png").toURI().toURL())));

          n.setModelBound(new BoundingBox());
                Sphere s = new Sphere("tt", 20, 20, 1);
          s.setModelBound(new BoundingBox());
               s.getLocalTranslation().z = 20;

The problem is that the quads are drawn over the Sphere, which makes sense, because the QUEUE_TRANSPARENT is drawn at last... How can i solve my problem ?
The Quads must be at the same z position!


The problem is solved using the setPolygonOffset function.

But i think there is still the need for a ZBufferState, could someome help to make the transparency work ?

Which ZBufferState do i have to use ?


Is the ZBuffer addicted to the rotation of the camera ?

If i rotate the view the depth of the quads will change…

I use now the setPolygonOffset function to define the depth. But the function seems to be useless with objects in the transparent queue …

How can i solve that problem ?

Please help me! It's definitly not such a hard problem for an jme insider…




its me again!

I solved every problem…

Now i use a RenderPass system to draw the items. Now everything runs great.

I think the problem was that the depth order ,setted by setPolygonOffset, is useless for the QUEUE_TRANSPARENT mode. Now i use the RenderPass system and draw the transparent items at the end.

For transparent objects i disabled the writeable option of the ZBufferState.