Multiple Render Target How-To?

Does jme support MRT?

Is there any example about it?

I want to implement advanced DOF effect and it needs MRT.

And it seems that MRT may be used to shadow map. is it right?

Thanks a lot always.  :slight_smile:

Investing the jme codes, I guess I found the answer.

TextureRenderer.render(ArrayList<? extends Spatial> spats, ArrayList<Texture> tex);

seems to be there for the MRT purpose.

I'm posting only for people running into this topic: if I read code correctly, it seems that TextureRenderer manually iterates over targets and renders each one in sequence. You might need to use LWGJL/JOGL directly over some custom abstraction (and maybe shaer code back :))


ooops, my fault, I don't have the trunk version and briefly checking google code trunk reveals that MRT is in. Cool!