Multiple rotated "windows" with different scenes / cameras

Hello everybody,

I would like to accomplish something like this with jME:

Options that came up so far…

  1. Multiple viewports - But is it possible to rotate a viewport?
  2. Render to textures - How much does it impact on performance?
  3. Keep everything on the same scene and rotate the nodes instead - I think that would be a bit messy and hard do control… Would I have to render everything orthogonal to avoid "distortion" on the edges?

    This is for a multitouch platform based on jME. Here's a demo:

    What we want to do is to place many "applications" on the same screen to let multiple users use different applications at the same time… Basically a window manager supporting move, rotation, resize and overlap.

    Ideas?  :slight_smile:



I think the best solution for this case is render to Texture!

Try out the test package for the render to texture and multiply the scenes and measure performance!