Multiple Screens

Hello everyone, i wanna know: Can I check if my user is using multiple screens?
And set my game to FullScreen on one of those.

I figured out how to check for multiple screens:
[java]GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment().getScreenDevices().length; //Return how many Screens the user have [/java]
But i’m still can’t select the screen to fullscreen

Does have someway to get the JFrame that the Game is running?
Because if i have the JFrame I could do this:
[java]public void selectMonitorToFullScreen(int monitorNumber){
int monitor = monitorNumber - 1; // Decrease one to be easy to set the monitor number and to handle in here…
Jframe window = this.getJFrame(); // Imaginary Class
GraphicsDevice[] Monitors = GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment().getScreenDevices(); // Get all Screens
This code make sense, but i don’t know if it gonna work because the “this.getJFrame()” method don’t exist.
I’ll try use this: Swing Canvas to create a JFrame and use it.
If any of you have a better idea or wanna help me, Just post here below. :smiley: