Multiple textures on a box

Hi there,

can anyone explain me, how can I use one texture for four sides of a box and different texture for its top and bootom side?

And second problem is, that I need constant scale of texture. For example: one box has 20 units in height and second box is 2x smaller (10 units). Now, my texture looks like a thermometer :slight_smile: And I want to see whole texture in taller box and bottom half of texture in smaller box. Is it possible?

Thank for help.

What you want to do is set your own texture coordinates on the box. There are several good resources on the topic on the web… I’ll look one up tomorrow if you still need it.

When in doubt, start with NeHe…

jME abstracts a lot of the effort away from the developer, but if you don’t understand the basics, you’ll not get what jME is doing for you.