Multiple Textures on a Box?

Hello Community, Freaks and Cracks…

at first we (two friends and me) want to thank the jmonkey engine programmers for giving us the opportunity to program something that should be called a game (in some years maybe) . Oh and excuse my english we all are german so its sometimes difficult to explain a problem.

The Problem we have at the moment is about textures. We simply want to texture a created box (in 3ds max or blender doesnt matter) , import it to the jmonkey engine (works fine though) and then want texture each side of the Cube with a different Material.

We know its possible to use UVW Maps (it also works actually) but the Problem is that we want to build several Skyscrapers for the map. The UVW for these skyscrapers would enourmos so we thought it may be possible to texture each plane of a Box with the implemented Material Editor in the jmonkey sdk.

Would be great if anybody could help us.

Cheers from Dresden

You still need the uv maps to say where things go on the plane so I don’t understand the problem?

Having said that you can only have on material per geometry. To do what you want you would need to create a node, multiple geometries inside that node, and then set the textures on those geometries.

But uv mapping is there to provide what you are looking for. Use it.

There are about 10-15 hits on this very subject if you search. One of them is bound to have an answer or get you started on learning what you need.


Thank you.

But what if i have a Building which is about 300m in realtime. If i UV map this one the UV Map would be really big. I thought there would be a Problem with the Memory if there are too many big UV’s ?

Allright thanks… Didnt think of searching. My Fault sorry.

Well that’s when you want to get a bit smarter.

First the uv map itself doesn’t care how big what it is mapping is. It’s just a mapping of vertex to texture co-ordinates. The texture for the tower side may become large but that’s a different issue.

To solve that there are a number of options. For example maybe you can tile the texture? Most likely you would want to break the side of the building down into multiple polygons anyway and then uv map onto those polygons…