Multiple uv coordinates (for lightmaps)

Hello friends! Does j3o support multiple uv coordinates? This is very important for baking lightmaps for levels.

Next formats support multiple uv coordinates:



direct x

autodesk fbx

Nowadays every game has lightmaps for interior and exterior scenes.

That’s what i mean.

You can grap this model to test it (blender 2.5) -

All we need is just two uv coordinates for j3o geometry and proper glsl shader.

Hi mifth,

you are with respect to UV mapping more advanced than I am … :wink:

How to change in Blender the mapping to see e.g. the e.g. the more or less white example (of your picture)

(How apply in .blend the light mapping?)

And switch shading from GLSL to MULTITEXTURE.

I just have put the lightmap texture to multiply.

Found in 3DView, (NKEY) Shading … Thanks.

And with your original I got the ‘white’ picture.

(I played, not knowing results, and got too the white underground but the tables where

textured with one of the materials, Abracadabra, not knowing what the sorcerers apprentice did)

just switch UVTex and UVTex.001.

Have a look at materials and textures applied to them.

Yes jME3 does support two texture coordinates (you can add additional ones).

WOW!! THANK YOU!!! Where can i get info about it? And what formats JME can import with many texture coordinates? blend/ogre/x?


Did you finally get answers to your last question ? I’ve planned to write my own importer and need to build materials with several textures, each one using a dedicated UV mapping.

How do I add UV to Triangle/Mesh and what is used in material description to link one texture with one mapping ? Id ? Texture nbr ?

Its a buffer in the mesh, just like the vertex buffer. All jme3 importers support uv maps / texture coords.

@magicdid , yes, ogre and blender are supported by the jme. But I did not test it yet. Just use additional UVMap for your lightmaps. i think there will be no problems for Unshaded/Lighting materials.