Multiple uv layers as in blender

Yes, multiple uv layers as in blender, it’s possible? Because in blender we are able to create multiple uv layer, where each layer have itselves uv texts. So Ogre meshes exporter exports the mesh with all its uv layers? Look at the print :

ogre export up to 8 uv coords and these coord can be used in jme3 (you’ll have 8 texCoord buffers in the mesh and you can have inTexCoor1…texCoord8 attribute in a vertex shader)

Well ogre always exported 8 texCoord, but until recently jME3 was only using 2 of them.

:D. And it’s cool. I didn’t know ogre exporter could export multiple uv texCoord , and to know now it can export up 8 uv texCoord to jme is a big surprise for me, it’s will be very useful for me. JME forever ;P.