Multitexture coordinates

Hi there !

First, I must say that I’m a totally newbie at jME. I’m currently experimenting it to see what can be done with it. First impressions : the scengraph is very powerfull and the rendering is fast ! Good job men :wink:

Anyways I’ve got a question : I want to use Parallax mapping (also known as Offset maping) but I can’t figure how to use 3d texture coordinates (in LWJGL it’s glMultiTexCoord3f()). Is there a way to handle it (here is a good paper about it) ?

Then I would like to use Dot3 Bump mapping but I can’t figure how to do that. It uses some OpenGL extensions and, once again, 3d texture coordinates… If you want a very simple tutorial showing how to use Dot3 Bump mapping, look at there.

Hmm, as of yet there is not a way to handle 3d texture coordinates. I’ll have a look into what that would take!