Multitextureing and Alphamasks

I found several thread for my problem but no solution at the moment.

I'll explain a little bit…

I'm trying to texture my terrain. I have one ground texture (grass for example), and up to 4 addtional texture layers. Each addtional layer consists of a Color-Texture and an Alpha-Map(grayscale-image) (for example bricks for a road, and the alpha map describes the path the road follows).

Which settings do i have to use for my TextureState and the single Textures to get the road rendered over the grass?

I'm wondering why there is no answer… so i'm asking me if what i want to do is really possible… or must i explain better?

I have not dealt with terrain.  Sorry for the lack of response.  I think you just slid into the cracks.  If this happens again just give a bump like you just did and it will show back up on the radar. :slight_smile:

Someone will hopefully respond within a day with a bit more knowledge on the subject than myself.


Bodymilk does this in his settlers clone, you might ask him how he does it.  He's always on irc.