Multitexturing and transparency

Well, I’ve done a few searches and haven’t found any help, so I figured I’d post.

I’m working on an in-game menu.  The menu has a bunch of buttons.  The button background is the same for all, but the text/image on the button is different for each (obviously).  Sounds like a problem for multitexturing: one texture for the background of the button, and one for the foreground.

Both foreground and background textures are PNGs with transparency, and if I apply one or the other, they seem to work, but I’m having difficulty getting them to combine transparency properly.  I’ve attached the two texture images along with a third image that is where I’m trying to get to.

What I’m looking for is a bit of assistance with the setApply and setCombine* calls.  I trust this is enough information, and that the pictures I’m attaching explain it sufficiently.

Thanks in advance.

Background Texture:

Foreground Texture:

Desired Result:

textTexture.setApply( Texture.ApplyMode.Decal );

I did try that.  The result is close to what I want, but not quite.  The "Create Avatar" text turns partially transparent… I suspect it's combining transparency with the background texture.  I'd like the "Create Avatar" text to be opaque.

                TextureState ts=DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem().getRenderer().createTextureState();      
      Texture logo=ResourceManager.loadTexture("V8StreetDragGTLogo.png");
      logo.setApply( Texture.ApplyMode.Decal );
      backgroundPlane.copyTextureCoordinates(0, 1, 1.0f);

Just that works for me!