Multithreading - A simple exemple Needed please

Hello, i am trying to make use of the multithreading inside the jme3 with the callable, but i dont realy understand how i am supose to make a class of it, I think it would be a good idea if some one could make a little exemple in the section of the Multithreading- advance[]=multithreading

And by exemple, i mean a complete one with the whole structure, the one there are missing plenty of important information, and i cant get to understand then due to my lack of knowledge :S anyway thank you if some one can give me a hand about this issue!

Just a hint: Callable and all that isn’t a jMonkeyEngine construction, that is a generic java construction and as such you can probably find better tutorials, books, courses in other places than this wiki. So try to search the internet for any java multithreading tutorial and you should be fine :slight_smile:

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the loading screen example has an example of it[]=loading&s[]=screen

search for “using multithreading”


Thank you for the help, i will make the thread and see if i understood and i know i saw the java doc about this here,

I though jme3 was using a version of the java one with some modification

anyway thank you!