Multithreading BinaryImporter

Hi all.

I need to implement a Multithreaded model loader as I now have a requirement to be able to load models over the web into an existing scene without the model loading blocking the application from running during the load. Currently I'm using BinaryImporter so was considering pulling this apart and creating separate model and texture loading threads.

Has anyone had any experience with this and could comment on whether this is the best approach to use and any unexpected problems I should look out for any input would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately my time for this enhancement is quite tight so I need to try and hit the nail on the head first time.

Thanks in advance for any help

I've the same question.

The main issue is that TextureManager is not thread-safe so if you use BinaryImporter from multiple threads you're likely to get a ConcurrentModificationException in TextureManager. Other than that I don't think there's anything else that is likely to be the problem, maybe the use of static variables in that class or others which it uses could also pose a problem (but one less likely to be detected).