MultiTouch based on jMonkeyEngine

Here’s a demonstration of a MultiTouch environment we’ve built at Durham University that makes use of jMonkeyEngine and other bits and pieces.

Very nice!  I'm impressed.

That's very cool…get that on an Android phone and it would have a leg up on Apple. :wink:

Hi redgewalker!

I've seen your demo and I'm impressed!

That project looks like in progress by good way!

That's cool! Have you tried allowing rotation for the physics picker (there's a flag) and pick a single domino (or any other more complex physical stuff) with multiple fingers - would be even more impressing, I guess…

We've been exploring the kinds of things we could do with jMonkeyEngine first, and jME Physics came later in our investigation.  We would like to do cool stuff with physics (just because it looks visually impressive!) - just a matter of time.  I hope to get our code out for public consumption in the near future.  We're in the process of tidying it up ready for release.

As an aside - we're considering Google Code as the host for this - any recommendations?

Well I am using google-code and am quite happy with this. I originally went for sourceforge, but dropped that idea when I THOUGHT they only supported CVS and not SVN. Well they support both… so…