MusicTrackQueue setCurrentTrack with crossfade

i have a MusicTrackQueue object populated with five AudioTrack objects. it's set to RepeatType.ONE. the idea is each audiotrack loops until some game event changes the queue to a different audio track which loops until another change, etc.

the problem is, if i call MusicTrackQueue.setCurrentTrack(…) it starts the new track playing, but doesn't silence the old track (i can still hear it and the AudioTrack.isPlaying flag is true for both).

so what am i doing wrong? i could just stop the outgoing AudioTrack using AudioTrack.stop(), but i don't want to lose my crossfade.

    public void musicSetTrack(final MOVEMENTS m, final float crossfadetime) {
        Callable<?> gsCallable = new Callable<Object>() { public Object call() {
           music.setCurrentTrack(m.ordinal(), true);       
           return null;
        } };

hmm, sounds like a bug.  I'll have a look as soon as I can.  (might be monday)

any luck? :slight_smile:

Um  :// I don't know. I remember looking into it…  This JavaOne stuff ate my life.  Send me a PM to remind me to look again when I get home.  I'm sure it is something simple.

same problem here, using an old version though. is it fixed?