MW3D - how to add Textures, and how to export heightmap, alphamap and lightmap


I want to texture my terrain in MonkeyWorld3D, but i dont know how to import some textures.I tried almost everything… It says "All the textures available in the model path." and there's nothing:( ( ) I really dont know what and where is model path…

Another question is how to export heightmap, alphamaps and lightmap from my terrain so i can use it for splatting…

Thank You:)

You have to copy the textures to your project in your workspace. The workspace directory should be found in the mw3d installation directory. I hope this helps

Didnt help:( still same problem:(

Ok,…I don't use mw3d yet. But I use eclipse a lot and that problem sounds to me like you have to refresh your project (right-click on project-name->refresh). Did you try this?

yes i'm using eclpise too… but i install new version of mw3d and there it works… thank you