mw3d running excessively slow

I downloaded 4.2.1 to my program files folder and when i try using it i get, if lucky about 2 fps in the viewing window, otherwise ill get a frozen screens. Ive also tried all the other windows distribution (im using the 32) and have gotten the furthest on this one, anyone know whats wrong/how i can speed it up?  :?

Well first as always, it's kinda helpfull to know what machine you have (cpu,graficard,ram, ect)

Then there is the default tip, are you useing the latest graficdriver? If not try updating.

System Information report written at: 05/10/09 14:55:35

[System Summary]

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OS Name Microsoft

Have you tried going test for test through the jme-test package?

Cause that way it can be decided if the problem lies in mw3d or the engine itself

yep, jME works just fine, and it (mw3d) works significantly better on my brother's computer which is very similar to mine except its 32 bit and 2 gig ram

Hm, I suggest pm'ing the author of the tool, maybee he can help you further.

I've got the same problem, but my computer is a vista 32 bit and 2 GB RAM.

Have you found any other reason or even a solution for it?