My BitmapFont Wiki

Hi guys,

In an effort to give something back, I've documented how to create and use bitmap fonts in JME:

This is obviously for JME2, but (I hope) there won't be too much difference for JME3. If anyone wants to give me a similar JME3 version then I'll add it to the page.



Great tutorial there!  We should find a place to stick a link to this in the wiki :slight_smile:

Cheers sbook,

I’ve added a very small overview, and also added the link to the JME introduction

Let me know if more is required.

I’d also appreciate someone porting this to a JME3 example…

Veeery nice man, thanks a lot! A+ for effort, not even meant in a condescending way :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks your wiki page for introducing bitmapfont, however, it seems cannot show Chinese rightly.

I create a Chinese font using BMFont.

Can you give me a help for resolving this problem?

I don’t understand what you are talking about. Could you please try to rephrase?

Google translate seems to handle it okay from what I can see:

I think you are saying you’d like to use a font that supports Chinese, right? You’re going to need to use a Chinese truetype font (no idea about any… These any good?) and then have a play around with AngelCode to find the right output font size etc. You might need to use something a bit larger than 512 x 512 on the width. Try 2048 x 2048 and see if things get any better.

By the way, this wiki page is for JME 2. If anybody could send me the JME3 code to do the same thing, then I’ll happily include it in my page 8)



I generate a Chinese font by using BMFont, the font file has many pages, but just can show that words in the first page rightly.

It seems that current BitmapText just support one page in the font file.

Yeah you’re right. I added an issue in the jme3 issue tracker for this so it will get fixed at some point.