My Busy Life

Some may have noticed that I have not contributed any code in awhile. I won’t be contributing for awhile more due to a lot going on in my life. The forums are about the only thing I’ve been able to work with.

Basically, I am moving 1600 miles in a few weeks to Seattle Washington. I got a job offer out there a bit ago, and put in my notice at my current job. Well, they decided that I must get some stuff done before I go (a lot of stuff). Unfortunately, I can’t just blow it off, because my next job is actually related to my current. So, I’m very busy at work and packing up the house in my spare time.

So, while suggestions may not be instantly implemented, I do add it to the issue tracker when someone makes a good suggestion (cep21 your Geometry suggestions are there for example).

So bare with me while I try to take care of life changes. They say taking a new job and moving across the country is the most stressful thing in life, starting to believe it.

I dont envy you as the changes you have mentioned are very stressful indeed. Its bad enough to move house. Adding a new job in a new city adds another dimension. Sorry cant help you from here, but good luck with the move anyway.


I just went through a similar situation in the last year or so just to have my main project come to a close this month… So I can empathize as you know. While I’m looking for more work, feel free to throw me a code piece or two to work on. It will keep my mind off other things. :?

Yeah, Josh, I for one can not complain after hearing what you are currently going through. Although talent tends to be taken care of, so I’m sure you’ll be alright in the end.