My computer does not support OpenGL 2. I cannot see the Demo Applet

Hello. This engine and platform are great. I would love to start developing in it.

There is a problem though.

I have a netbook with an Intel Graphic card that support OpenGl 1.5

When I open the Demo page with the Applet, it doesnt show anything.

The same, I installed jMonkey 3 Platform and when I build a project nothing appears.

What can I do to use it with OpenGl 1 ?


The best option is to get an OpenGL2 compatible computer … However this might not work for you if the only thing you have is that NetBook.

jME3 does support OpenGL1, although in a very limited form. You can in fact develop jME3 apps as long as you don’t use any advanced graphical features. You might not be able to use jMP for it though.