My first 2D games : Crush It

Hi everyone,

I present my first 2D games i developed for Android with jmonkey.

The principle is to crush with your fingers the different geometric shapes that appear on the grid. Each form will multiply until it is removed or freeze the box if you are too slow.

Link of the game :

Feel free to send me your comments.

Thank you in advance


First of all, congratulations for developing and publishing a game. I downloaded it and played a bit (about 5 minutes) and I can say it’s funny and challenging, but after a while it is boring. You can add some bomb, or something like that, where player can press.

At first time I made about 1.000 points, and if you don’t miss any press, it doesn’t increase speed or add a trap.

Anyway, congrats, I gave you 5 stars!

Thanks for your advice!
I take note and try to incorporate them in the next update.

Congrats @Oshere on releasing your first game on android with jME.
This is a big step you have over come in getting it out to the world.

About the game.
Currently I love the look and feel of the game. It works for me.
Some small adjustments can be made in the game though like having some nice effects when crushing some shapes and ever if you can have different powers it would be great, for example a bomb like @afonsolage said or even something that clears the complete row vertically or horizontally.

Also some sort of help or tutorial screen would be always good.

Other than that I really love it.
Good on you!

Thanks for testing my game :slight_smile:

I’m working on a update with some big changes, i’ll post here when it’s ready!


The update is finished and online here!

New content:

  • Several levels
  • Life system
  • Bonus and malus

Thanks again for your advices!

Some screenshots:


Great work! Very clean and polished. I’d like to put this up on our Showcase page.

All I need from you is:

  • 3 screenshots of your choice (I’ll photoshop them side-by-side to make a proper thumbnail). The ones above are all fine, I just need to know which to use.
  • A short description of the game
  • A link to the game (e.g. the Google Play link, or any other you prefer).

p.s. You should definitely put this up on IndieDB as well.

Thanks for your consideration,

it will be a pleasure to appear on your Showcase page.
I will apply your council on IndieDB.

Concerning what you need, you can take the previous screenshots of main menu, game over and when the game is running.

Description of the game:
Crush It is a reflex game consisting to crush with your finger the different geometric. Be careful, if you take too long to make them disappear, they will invade your screen!

Link to the game:


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I added a difficulty mode in level, add some levels and correct some bugs.
Link of the game

If you have any suggestions or comments to make I’m interested to read them!