My first Android Game

My first android game is on google play:
It’s not perftect: I’ve chosen this kind of basic game to learn how to use JMonkeyEngine… It took only 2 montths working 8 hours per week to learn and get this result thanks to the efficiency of this engine!


Well done it looks cool.

Nice stuff, I liked the interactive menu too :).

Hey nice game. It looks very similar to a game I wrote a while ago for android, except it is completely different game play.

I have one complaint though, When I want to turn I think it turns a little bit too slow.
Maybe it is part of how the game is designed, but I tough I would mention it.
Very nice game, well done.
Starship Destroyer

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Your game looks very nice. I had also the idea of changing the cam point of view so that the game looks more 3D.
For the slow motion you get with my ship, in fact you have to press left or right button several times. This is a choice I made to avoid the player entering in PIO (Pilot induced oscillation). Most of the time, on tactile screen, the player let his finger on the screen and I tried to avoid inadvertant control of the ship.

Thank you for your feed back!