My first ”complete” game – A simple Pong!


So yeah, I can say I’m pretty proud of it… but it has alot of issues/incomplete parts.

First of all I can’t for the life of me get the physics going well and avoid tunneling, I’ve tried ccds, different sizes, velocities, but I still get them every so often. And there’s the enemy’s pad that keeps trembling, no clue how to fix it.

And then there’s the replay/UI not done (partially, but yeah), and a couple of twists I’d like to give the game, such as “powers”, some effects to make it more sassy (I actually like the look it has, done randomly… seems scifi-ish), and that’s all.

Criticism accepted! :slight_smile:

I know it’s not something polished or whatnot, but shoot away!


not bad for a first attempt :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve downloaded it and played it! As always, pong games can be tricky uh, I’ve lost more then I won hehehehe

The spaceship works pretty well, and the AI is a normal simple poing AI, so congratulations!

Thanks alot! :slight_smile:

wow, applet works really nice! No trouble at all!

(applet doesn’t take out the debug text though, will do it later)

Hey that was pretty neat. I think you did right by choosing something small to start with and not set out to “make minecraft/farcry/diablo - but better”. The applet worked fine on my mac but I lost almost all the time :slight_smile:

Applet works well, nice :slight_smile:

Be nice to have something at the start saying what the keys are etc.

also can you put a fps cap on the applet, as running at 3000fps fries my graphics card

Thanks both!

Yeah, I had done a semi-UI just to say I had one, but it looked crummy and I didn’t include it… I’ll do it tomorrow and tidy it abit out :slight_smile:

Applet page was just slapped on until it worked too, and didn’t mess with it any more (had never used webhosting for anything at all, had abit of trouble to set it up)

I noticed a bug(?) with it being applet, btw: it pauses if focus is lost, as intended since I set it in the settings, but the game keeps going although image stops

Well done! I also hat the key-finding problem, then i noticed the app wasnt focused :smiley: As already mentioned AI seems to be quite hard(or it’s just too late for me)

I had vsync on when I built it… it’s always been on, I don’t know why it’s going over the monitor sync :expressionless:

I’ll see how I can limit framerate some other way!

The AI never gets a single goal in on me, I don’t know how you guys say it’s hard xD

(the raquet is purposedly made at different angles, don’t just shoot with it in the middle!)

nice game :slight_smile: ,

just a suggestion, can you add support of directionnal arrows for guy who have not an zwerty keyboard ?

thank in avance :wink:

Done mate! WASD or Arrow keys for your own pad, and if you want to play with someone else on the keyboard, hit E and you can control the other pad with arrow keys and the blue one with wasd!

ok thank you :smiley:

I love this game!!! Well done!!! Congratulations!

At your service, and thanks :slight_smile:

Atm am trying to learn enough spidermonkey to do it multiplayer

great job!!!

I would like to see the source code, since I’m trying to make a 2D game to learn the basics and still i have no idea how to do it

the AI is hard,

my score versus the IA : 3(my)-25(IA) :smiley:

@hickaru : remove flyByCamera, when the w key are pressed move camera up … ect

there’s not much to know… however, doing a 2D game in jme is just a no-no: don’t do it (who am I to say this though lol).

This simple pong is just 2 rectangles, a sphere and 2 pads made in blender, on the 0 of Z axis, colliding with each other with some “special” physics.

You move the pad’s physic location with WASD or whatever are the setup keys, and you set the ball’s Z coord to 0 each frame. That’s all.

and the background image? are you using a sky box?