My first completed game ever :D

So after years of playing around with 3d engines, making half-done demos and the like, I finally have something complete to show for it! Here’s the link, tell me what you think :smiley:

I coded the majority of this in a 72-hour period for Ludum Dare 20 (; didn’t make the competition category deadline so I worked away at it and finished in time for the Jam deadline 24-hours later. I was kinda disappointed about that but I learned alot in the process and now I have a framework built for next time.

The thing that I spent by far the most time on was figuring out how to get AppStates to work correctly and if it wasn’t for Creativ’s awesome example at I would have been totally lost.

Critiques and comments are more than welcome, I’d love to know what you think I could have improved on/excluded/etc.

I uploaded the source if anyone is interested:

Here’s some screens:

Congratulations on finishing man! I’m in the same boat as you having played with many engines and only half- (actually quarter-) finishing projects… but I’m getting there with my most recent project and jME. Even though its taking pretty long for a tetris game jME makes it fun.

I’ll take a look at your game when I get time, I’m a little busy atm.

nice game but i could not see the incoming blocks