My first Model

Looks fantastic, DP! Great job.

Can’t help you on the bus-stop, though.


the credit shouldn’t be given to me, its should be given to a friend.

Scotty borrows.


Hi DP,

I found this on the net, but dont know if its any good to you.


thx tomcat. Very helpful


hey guys, the bus is finished, have a look at the site:

What ya guys think? is it still too boxy?


Really cool and great work on textures.


heh, i had some spare time on my hands, and what do you know…i started modeling!

anyways, heres the fruit that i made. Tell me what you think.

What do ya think?

PS. Hes supposed to be evil!

I must say I like the antenna on his head :slight_smile:

not bad at all :smiley: i suggest you try and add some detail for the feet and for the hands. but that also depends on what kind of character you want to create. if it’s just intended for rendering scenes, go for high poly count and detail. if you intend to use it in games, try to keep the poly count low. a screenshot of the wireframe could be useful. and a special forum for artist related issues would be cool too. :wink:

back to your model: i like that antenna too :slight_smile: try to place the torso and the feet a little bit more forward unless you want to obtain that “igor” kind of character :wink:

keep us up to date with your work :).

nice work :slight_smile: but aren’t the bad guys supposed to have some more spikes and all kind of sharp edges on their shoulders and other joints ?

Nice work DP, i like the head look. Can’t wait to see it with texture :wink:

a special forum for artist related issues would be cool too.

+1 :) ah yes, that's a very good idea,


Pretty nice DP. How are you planning to texture it? Robotic? Giant slimey slug warrior?

the low res poly is robotic yes…however slimy thing snail bob sounds cool too…

need to gather more ideas…lol