My FPS is dropping!

So i’m adding features to my environment and watching them drop down into the 30-40 FPS range… And i still have only about half the objects in my scene that i would like…

Currently i have a forest and grass (courtesy of @androlo) and a biggerish lake using Simple Water processor (the lake was a decent chunk of my FPS)

I would like to add a bunch of procedurally generated rocks, and a few buildings (shacks, not necessarilly high res) also the terrain (from the SDK terrain editor) and my character are currently the only things with physics, so i will have to add them too the objects as well… so i suspect i need to find a way to free up a bunch more FPS to implement all these things

I know that batching is one way to increase performance, what other tips and tricks are there to get me more FPS?

Try level of detail. I am not sure how much androlo’s system is optimized, its configuration might be set for quality rather than for performance. You may need to change the grass render range to a lower number as longer ranges increase fill rate considerably even on the best of cards.

There’s a section on the wiki about optimization, you might want to look at that for some general tips.

When you load in the terrain that you saved from the editor, make sure to find the TerrainLodControl and give it the camera for the scene. Without it, the LOD won’t be enabled and your FPS will drop.