My game-A space shooter

Hey guys i wanna show you my game, or what ever it is until now :slight_smile:

Sorry for the low frame rate. It is because of my video recorder :frowning:

I just start it 12 days ago or something like this :slight_smile: and i think i will use it as license project for my collage :slight_smile:

Iā€™m waiting your feedback

Thank you, Pengu.


Hey, looking cool. Seems like you got lots of the basics already implemented, nice. Good luck and have fun :smiley:

Very nice 3d models

Most models are not mine. Are Starcraft 2 models

Very nice work! You should definitely consider submitting this to the Beta 1 Game Contest!

Well, i don`t have time to finish it until the dead line of beta contest :frowning: I think i will need minimum 2 months to make it playable

@pengu said:
Most models are not mine. Are Starcraft 2 models

This may present some licensing issues, made a starcraft2 model loader for JME3?

Well, in the final version I will change this models with mine. But now i don`t know any available 3d artist who can make some models for me. Anyway,

no, I did not made a sd2 model importer for JME3, but if you want to know i can tell you the steps you must follow to import sc2 assets manual.