My JME 3 DungeonKeeper remake

Hey everyone,

just wanted to show you my current jme 3 project. Its a Dungeon Keeper remake :slight_smile:

imps at assimilation:

latest video:

room creating:



Looks good, same way the old dungeonkepper looked. Grats!:wink:

haha that’s wild! Good work! Brings back fond memories :smiley:


Cool, great work! :smiley:

I edited the post so the video shows in the post, there has to be a line of text after the video, its a bug in the forum…

Very nice! :slight_smile:

Looks fun :slight_smile: Nice job so far!

I like this game . Your game is very similar to the old game in graphics. Do you incorporate some effets ? Like bloom ect…

Yeah I’m now searching for ways to improve the performance a bit, and then continue with the game logic. maybe later i will try to implement some more effects like maybe water shader or bumpmapping and so on.

If someone has experience in increasing render performance - help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Cool, really nice project! ^^

Really cool!

DK2 is a fav game of mine.

Wow, that’s awesome!!! Are there any plans of open-sourcing it or such? Or a public demo? Would really like to “touch” it :wink:

Dude it is just great. :slight_smile:

good job.

like it very much - and the original game was great.

thanks for the nice comments they really push me to spend even more time in programming o_O

Added a new video with the creation of different rooms.

@Dodikles yeah, when the basic functionality is finished, i can release a demo or so - maybe go opensource too.



Thats pretty awesome, congratulations! How long did it take? Who did your artwork and modelling?

Hmm how long it took is hard to say cause i worked on it in my free time for a few month, including learning JME and trying a lot of stuff. Maybe about a full month of development time. I didnt do any artwork, cause i use screenshots from the orginal Dungeon Keeper 2, modeling was done by myself with 3dstudio max.

Sadly, I have to say that the development of this project is currently frozen because of performance problems with rendering a lot of objects (all mapfields ect.) I am still searching for help with improving this - if anyone has experience in improving render performance with jme3 please contact me! :slight_smile:

Did you read this:

Thanks Norman, I didnt read this before!

Instead i tried to develop something like the GeometryBatchFactory myself ^^. GeometryBatchFactory is really nice, so now i can think of how to use this with keeping texturing / digging functionality.