My JME 3 DungeonKeeper remake


Can I ask a noob question about the GeometryBatchFactory? The JavaDocs is a little light on details of how to use it. Is it only effective for cases in which the same material is used, or does that only affect mergeGeometries? Similar to this guy, I’m producing procedurally generated content, and would like to optimize it. The problem is that although right now they all use the same material, this is only for testing. In future they will likely use a variety of different materials. Is it worth building lists of the ones that do use the same material in order to run the GeometryBatchFactory on them? Or is there still something the GeometryBatchFactory can do to help optimize the scene?


EDIT: Am I right in saying that although it wont be of much use for the geometry that will be attached to the rootNode and displayed in game, it will be useful in generating a MeshCollisionShape. But to do that, I need to clone the entire level, and go through each Spatial to change its material to one material, correct? Worth doing?

The optimize() method only combines materials that are the same. mergeGeometries() combines without caring for material.

So… if I were to use mergeGeometries, it would not work properly because the resulting mesh would need its own new material to render properly, a combination of all the old ones? But mergeGeometries might still be useful for generating the MeshCollisionShape, because of that.

Sorry if its a noob question, just want to work out whether it will help me.

Yes. Best way to find out is to try it actually :wink: With some code and explanation of what you tried its always easier to get help. Also, please make new threads for questions so others can find them too.

Hey, very interesting project. How’s it going? Are you continuing or is it still frozen?


First off, Dungeon Keeper has always been one of my favourite games. The humour and the graphic design has always pleased me. So, currently your off to a great start!

Saiya said:
I didnt do any artwork, cause i use screenshots from the orginal Dungeon Keeper 2, modeling was done by myself with 3dstudio max.

I had a question about your pipeline! Since you're using 3dsmax, i was wondering what was the way you got your models into JME3? Did you use the OgreMax XML exporter and then directly imported your models?
I would like to know what way worked the easiest for you getting your models into the JME3 engine, cause right now i'm struggling a bit to find the ideal and quickest pipeline from 3dsmax to JME.
Other people with experience are encouraged to react as well off course! Thanks for your thoughts / answers.

Coool!!! I like it!

The ogre max works quite good (once you set it to export xml instead of binary) Also the free version supports normally enough features (Sine one texturemap for modelling usually is enough, rest can be done with jmonkey’s material system.

I’m working on a Dungeon Keeper clone and started doing so when I saw that this one wasn’t very active and I felt an urge for some Dungeon Keeper :slight_smile:

I’m gonna announce it here on jME forum a bit later, bur for all who is interested, it is open source and I’m currently the only one working on it. You can find it here:

Right now it’s only a beginning to a map editor, but I will eventually (when I’ve come far enough with the map making) start coding the mechanics for gameplay :slight_smile:

Please wait with comments about the mostly messy code til’ I’ve announced it properly :wink:


Nice. Do you make a 1:1 version. Or do you add new stuff (room types, monsters, quests, material types, features etc.)? That would be awesome!

To begin with, I want to get all features from the original two games (especially the second game), but I have plans on adding additional features :slight_smile:

Yes, very cool! And even cooler from you to open-source it! :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:

Open source is the way to go man!

Oh god!! I played that game so hard…

I want to play it again…

Very nice work… it looks so good