My Lighting Spatials are not displayed anymore


I have a serious problem and I can not find the error.

I have programmed a scientific program displaying molecules. Each molecule contains multiple atoms. Each atom is represented using a sphere spatial.

When I used to write the code in a former JME3 version everything worked perfectly. Then, I suppose, the JME3 has been updated. I think it was the time when the shaders changed.

I now use Common/MatDefs/Misc/Unshaded.j3md for displaying grids and they are shown correctly, coloured etc but my atoms represented using sphere spatials do not show.

It is not a light problem. Light is attached and switched on.

There must be a parameter I don’t know. I use



Can anyone please give me a hint what could be the reason that my spheres are not displayed anymore?

Keep in mind that it perfectly worked in the JME3 version where some “old” shaders where used. Afterwards, shaders where renamed.

Thanks a lot for your help.



You already posted such a thread in a quite unsuccessful manner. How are people supposed to know whats up? “I think at the times the chadors changed my application stopped working.” tells nothing.

Posting some code, like where you setup your material, would help here…

:slight_smile: A response whose helpfulness perhaps matches the question:

Lighting works just fine. I’ve been using it since alpha 3 with no issue and never had to change anything, really.

You can also post a J3O of your root node


yes, I know. I am sorry. I’ll try to be more precise in future threads and won’t repeat them.

I figured out the problem after 3 days of debugging. A stupid root spatial (molecule) did not have the inherit paramet set in the queue bucket but its children had (atoms). So, they inherited from molecule and where therefore not visible.

Thanks for help.