My new Upcoming game , Prisoners life

So finally after hard thinking, I have thought of a good game Idea with the name “Prisoners life”

Where you play as a prisoner and you all you need to do is to survive until you finish your

Prison time or you can escape from the Prison I will update my game here in this topic also

you can post your oponion about it if you want! :slight_smile:

p.s: offtopic :

how to donate money to jMonkeyEngine?

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Anyway sounds like a great game. Its always good to see new people here starting on new projects.

We dont see enough stuff.

Thank you BigBob :slight_smile: I think I have enough programming exprience to start my own project,

also I think that jMonkeyEngine is an awesome engine and it fits my needs and very easy to use!

and the best thing I love about jMonkeyEngine that it’s totally free which is something rare