My "next" game: Tiling

I wanted to share progress on my new game, a puzzle game for Android named “Tiling” (name subject to change)

Basically the goal is to color all the tiles, and you cannot have two adjacent tiles of the same color.

Development is going fine, as you can see I have a prototype, I can load/display my blender models (I create the “levels” in blender), I use NiftyGUI, I capture touch events and paint the tiles…

Next steps are
-Integrating sound effects and music
-Create a few more levels
-Create the “main menu” (I think it will be a jme scene with a “path” between levels, a bit like CandyCrush…don’t know if I’m clear :slight_smile: )
-Work on win conditions, restart/load/save
-Polish the NiftyGUI interface: pretty round buttons etc.
-Create the first “tutorial” level, I think with a series of “overlays” saying “click here to change color” etc.
-Test/implement in-app billing … My last “unknown” technically speaking, I did no see examples on the forum or the wiki…
-Then create more levels…

It’s not my first game, I created one simple OpenGL game for android and another game for android using the “standard” android GUI ( but I must say that jme3 is great! thank you people, so much work already done for me :wink:


Neat! Keep on sharing. We’re especially fond of videos :wink:

If all goes well I should update the progress every few weeks then release in a few months :smile: