My text is white


I've done a project a few month ago and now I update to JME 0.1 and tried to start it. After fixing some problems (changed Constructor in FirstPersonHandler, no MouseInput.get() anymore…) there is only one problem left. My Text looks like a white box instead of letters on transparency. I really don't know what change is reliable for that, so can you help me? I've post my code below.

public class HUD extends Node{
   private Text lookAtText;
   public HUD(GameLogic gl){ //public class GameLogic extends BaseGame
      lookAtText = new Text("lookAtText", "Hier");
   private void init(GameLogic gl){
   public void setLookAt(String lookAt){
   public String getLookAt(){
      return lookAtText.getText().toString();
   public void update(Camera cam, String lookAt){

set an AlphaState for your Text object.

Are you certain the font texture is in your classpath?

Hm, in fact if you create a Text object like this, you have to set the TextureState with a font texture as well. Eg. look in TestMouseLook.

Alternativly you can use the Text.createDefaultTextLabel method.

ups…I've downloaded 0.9 instead of 0.10, so there was no createDefaultTextLabel(), but, why is 0.10 the latest release? Other projects release a 1.0 after 0.9… :?

so, thanks for your help,

campino too silly to download the correct version