My version of the version of testcollisionsgroup

Dear JME

I include the code, enjoy, have a play around

I have only be using JME for a few days

I programmed something similar to this  in c++

Ok i have quite a few questions.

[1] How do you make collisions lossless?, eg inelastic (i want friction to be 0 and momentum to be fully conserved)

[2] The failure mode is interesting, how can i inspect the collisions code? (inject about7* 15 balls you will see what i mean)

[3] How can i fix fps, but make the code runs as fast as possible in the background. Eg I do not care about the frame rate I wonly want to look at particular times,

[4] is their a package that can get all variable and display then as drop down lists or otherwise so youcan modify them on the fly. So it reads the vars you enter as the default, and puts a widow to screen with options.

this would be really handy, also a = false would leave that variable out.

[5] how do you truncate floats, double etc. (i want to use this for camera)

[6]does Jme mean you just end up with a rather big, no objective main few routines, untill you package them off?

Thank you all in advance