Mysterious Raycasting Behaviour

So I was doing some testing with RayCasting and it appears that my actual “viewing” position for the camera might be different from the position that the ray is cast from. I’m using getWorldTranslation to position the camera and getPhysicsLocation to figure out where to start my raycast.

It seems that there’s always some sort of strange strange offset. I found that if i clicked the center of the character, the shot effect (which is linear interpolated) would appear on the character’s very right edge, indicating that some sort of translation was going on. I’ve concluded that from testing shots at different angles.

Another proposal that I have is that perhaps the mesh isn’t being rotated so I’m constantly firing at one “view location”, which makes it appear as if the shot’s going funky. but there’s a few issues:

  1. I’d imagine capsule shape is just about (if not) symmetrical throughout.
  2. The offset seems to be far too much for it to be a “rotation” issue.

Then, I did some further testing. I’m building by modifying the monkeyzone source, so I did some testing with multiplayer (opening up more than 1 client on 1 computer) and at one point, I noticed that there DEFINITELY was an offset for one of the guys, but the rest didn’t have an offset that extreme. Refer to the picture for more details.

So the question is, what’s the difference between physicsLocation and WorldTranslation (assuming that the physics root is centered on the world root), if any, as well as how to solve this perplexing behaviour.

Pic: The red circle is where the dude appears to be, the blue circle is around where my mouse is aiming at.
Clearly, funky stuff is happening XD

Oh yeah, there’s no guy where the poofy effect is appearing at either so it appears to be some invisible dude getting poofed on.

Update: So I just compared the physics location to the world location and they’re both roughly the same thing. (I’d imagine there’s still some difference but in this case it appears that it’s not the problem)

Still, when I do a physicsspace.rayTest, weird behavior happens where when I shoot empty space, it appears to nick the capsule shape or in extreme cases, I shoot far from the capsule and it hits it o.o’