Mystery Shader?

I was reading a book I've bought recently (Ultimate 3d Game Engine Design and Architecture), and noticed in the section covering shaders that the author declares that there are THREE types in addition to per-vertex and pixel shaders, but doesn't go on to say anything about this mystery third type - this was news to me, any ideas?

trying to hype up his book perhaps?

In fact there are 10 types of shaders

(for the binary loveing amongst us)

Blimey!  Shows how much I know then  :-o


read llama's post once more!

Old joke llama. :wink: I guess they're talking about Geometry shaders, but that depends on the age of the book.

Yeah yeah, very funny  :wink:

And apparently the third type is geometry shading defined in Shader 4.0

true that…that's gonna be major fun to play with

And because of OpenGL, you don't even need Vista for this…

(Does anyone know if there's linux/OSX drivers that support this already however?)