Mythruna fire beautiful!

So, this question is basically to @pspeed. I already played Mythruna (and it’s awesome!), and one of the things I liked very much was the fire. It’s so beautiful! So, I want to ask, how do you create the fire? Do you use particles, a special spatial, etc?

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Thanks for the kind words. Yes, all of the above kind of.

They are batched point sprites that act like particles because of a custom shader. So a single flame is like a stack of 13 point sprites or something. Each point has additional information about its scale, color, and height. The height is used with a time-indexed noise texture combined with wind to move it slightly in the x/z plane.

The funny thing is that the new engine uses something entirely different:


Thanks for the info. However, I have bad news: is a website that provides downloads for most of the PC programs. However, one thing that I hate is that for games, most of the part no credit is given to the creator. I play minecraft, and in minecraftforum there was a campaign because a lot of websites offered download of minecraft mods without giving credits to the autor and even adding virus to it.

So, what I want to say, is that “stole” your game: it’s avaliable for download, and there’s no mention to your name, neither a link to your website. This is sad :frowning: , and I doubt we can do anything about this.

By the way, the website is in portuguese, but if you try to find “paul speed” or “pspeed”, there’s nothing.

Getting pirated achievement unlocked!

This isn’t a “stole” thing. is a download site with reviews and such. A fan of Mythruna sent a review (a very good one) about Mythruna and they published it.

If you try to download, it’ll direct you to mythruna website, what’s the bad news about it? Since 05/09/2013 (review date) it got 15k downloads with 4,5 starts rating!

Also, there is a LOT of reviews of Mythruna on Youtube. One of them, was made by a big youtuber:

The title of video is “Mythruna is the evolution of Minecraft???” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Oh well. That’s indeed a good question of how to get something from your game unless it’s MMO one with a full-scale server deployment etc etc. Cause any self-containing one you release will appear on torrents the next day…

Can’t you give the code and art of the old or the new fire (or even both)?. The new one is just owesome!

I will probably publish both at some point. For the new fire, I wanted to wait until I at least had one release of my own game with it before I started giving it to everyone else. :slight_smile:


Great!, It would really save lot of hours of tunning!, it’s not easy to find ready-to use awesome effects like that one for JME3 so I hope it to happen relatively soon :wink:

I would like to see it to learn how to do, because it’s really awesome. Also I need to spend some huge time to increase my shader skills :confused:

Truely a nice and peaceful fireplace. If i would have to guess, “smoothed voronoi distance” texture?

Always having fun thinking about “how did they do this?”. I am actual spending more time in games watching for technical stuff than playing lately. Unfortunately once you notice how some things are made, you see all the places where the illusion brakes :frowning:

But writing effect shaders i one of the most fun parts for me :chimpanzee_amused:

For my shader?

Nah, I have an atlas of fire textures and then run them through lots of mutations… there is always mostly 3 cells of the atlas present in some mix and they are selected at random using a noise texture (as I recall). It takes something l like 30 minutes before you will see the same patterns or something.

Edit: I think there was a thread I discussed all of this once with samples of the various forms I explored using a three cell photorealistic fire texture. Mythruna uses a hand-painted 16 cell atlas.

Video of photoreal texture version:

…and another:

For fun, here is my hand-painting my flame atlas in stages:

…in the lower right you can see the original three-cell atlas I used for a kind of reference.

Edit 2: and so I was wrong… it’s a 9 cell atlas. But note, each cell can be flipped any which way so it’s effectively more… which is why even the three cell version worked ok.