Mythruna - small AI progress

I’ve been heads-down working on different AI-related elements for Mythruna and incorporating them into a simple 2D test environment just for easy prototyping. It’s been slow going because I’m reading an AI book and other literature while I go (often/mostly unrelated to what I happen to be working on at the moment).

Anyway, the most recent feature I added (some simple adaptive pathfinding) actually demos decently so I made a video.

It’s an interesting problem: How to get a crowd of AI entities to follow their paths without requiring paths to be recalculated all the time. This video shows my current solution. Even in its simple form it seems to get pretty good results. A whole crowd can follow the same path usually without having to recalculate on the way. This demo specifically does NOT recalculate even when an entity gets stuck. That will be up to the action planner to decide what to do… when that’s integrated.


As always: great work.

How would you solve the problem, if the crowd has to follow a moving target?

Inheiret the targets path?

Well, I’m trying to build up exactly something like that for my final undergraduation course job, and you already did it ^^

@ceiphren said:
As always: great work.

How would you solve the problem, if the crowd has to follow a moving target?

Well, following a moving target is its own trick... but this solution works the same for one or many entities. So when I figure out how to get one entity to follow another then making a crowd follow isn't a big deal.

There are smart ways and less smart ways for an AI to follow a moving target... and I'm not sure which I will use.

However, once they get close to the moving target things are very similar to the way they rubber-band to their path now. So inheriting the other entity's path is kind of attractive even though it's giving those entities information they shouldn't have (perfect prediction, etc.)

awesome :slight_smile: what AI book are you going through?

And several online resources from googling and from this page:

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awesome thanks :slight_smile: