Name Change?

I don't know if this is something that we should even consider, but on more than one occasion I've heard disparaging remarks made about the name of jME and how unprofessional the official name is.  I was thinking that considering a name change might be a good idea as that might be hindering our professional user-base.  Let's face it, jMonkey Engine just doesn't sound like a rock-solid professional game development engine.

Mark, would you be open to considering changing the name?  If so, perhaps we should take a developer poll to decide if we should.  If that wins, we could then take an external poll to validate this would be something widely accepted by the community.

At least jME sounds ok and should be kept, imo. jMonkeyEngine is not that bad for a non-native speaker… and people already know it! What about an additional name as soon as 1.0 is out of the door?

I completely disagree.  For one, I've never had anyone comment negatively about the name in any conversation about the technology, and I've spoken to a wide range of folks from VPs at major US entertainment companies to students from far away.  Also, jMonkeyEngine already has a good name recognition in our particular niche of the industry.  Besides, were we to get all serious, we might have to start changing silly forum animal names as well…  ;)  If you are embarrassed to say the word "monkey" or something along those lines, just call it jME.

i believe in that the "thing" behind the name defines how you see and think about that name. if it's something cool, you start thinking that the name is cool etc. would anyone here consider naming a computer "apple" if that hadnt been done?  :smiley:

Well, perhaps as usual, I'm off in my own little world. :wink:

To be clear, I don't have a problem with the name, I just wanted to consider the idea that the name might be causing us some problems with a professional reputation.

renanse said:
Besides, were we to get all serious, we might have to start changing silly forum animal names as well...  ;)

That's not playing fair!  :P

Even though I once proposed to rename to jLL, I think we should keep the name. Anyone who chooses an engine on it's name instead of it's merits won't be missed much I think.

It's a bit different from most other names for engines and such, but then again we're a bit different from them anyway, with a different history, community, etc. Yeah, we should have a name that stands out.