Nanosecond timer

Not sure what youre target jvm is - also im sure you are aware that there is a nano second timer available in java ( version 1.4 and later i think).

System.nanoTime(), it may be worth changing to this from System.currentTimeMillis()

1.5, unfortunatly

See lwjgl's forums on this topic.  We also actually use their Sys class for timing in the current jme Timer

Unfortunatly LWJGL is no better, and it's giving problems at high frame rates.


Since I'm now able to replicate the effect on my new machine, I will look into writing a timer that is can have the "smoothing" effect we currently use, and is selfcorrecting for "time " going to fast or slow due to the inaccurate resolution.

My point exactly.  (ie I was saying "look at lwjgl's forum, we use their timer and they use a ms timer due to issues with nanosec timer.")