Native bullet build broken?

Hey @normen, do you know anything about the antvie build on linux x64 being broken?

For some reason the BUILD_MULTITHREADING is not set, so the linker is missing libBulletMultiThreaded.a


If I set it manually it works then, heres the fix for the one I tested and that works

(Also for anyone attempting to build, note there is a bug in the current cmake in ubuntu, that leads to a infite cycle when switching compilers, solution is to build curl then cmake see tutorials in web

Index: nbproject/build-bullet-natives.xml

— nbproject/build-bullet-natives.xml (revision 10788)
+++ nbproject/build-bullet-natives.xml (working copy)
@@ -613,7 +613,8 @@
<exec executable="${cmake.linux}" dir="${bullet.folder}" failonerror=“true”>
<arg value="-DLIBRARY_OUTPUT_PATH=’${build64.folder.resolved}’"/>

  •        &lt;arg value="-DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF"/&gt;
  •        &lt;arg value="-DBUILD_MULTITHREADING=ON"/&gt;
  •    	&lt;arg value="-DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF"/&gt;
           &lt;arg value="-DBUILD_STATIC_LIBS=ON"/&gt;
           &lt;arg value="-DCMAKE_C_FLAGS=-fPIC"/&gt;
           &lt;arg value="-DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=-fPIC"/&gt;



Cool, thanks. Commited: