Native Bullet Segfault

So, basically when using mesh collision shapes (~20 of them), JVM running my game project segfaults due to JNI/native code error. Here’s hs_err_pid*.log from the JVM: hastebin

I’m probably doing something wrong, but still; shouldn’t it throw exception instead of crashing the JVM? Anyway, I have no clue what exactly I might be doing wrong, so… Any advise?

jME version is 3.1.0-beta2, from Bintray.

Edit: I wonder if this is related to Native Bullet causes crash - #2 by normen… If so, sorry for opening a new thread.

Looks like the mesh you pass to createMeshShape isn’t a valid triangle mesh.

The interesting thing is, all geometries that are there are also rendered. I generate them on fly and they absolutely seem to consist of only triangles…


Maybe the vertex order is simply wrong, whatever. That they can be rendered doesn’t mean they can be used to calculate collisions.