Natural Scala support

Hello! I am in the process of moving from Java to Scala and surely I am trying to begin using Scala with jME3. I have searched the internet and these forums to know if anywalked had already walked that path. The only results that I have found were the advice to install Scala plugin for NetBeans and examples of the SimpleApplication being ported to Scala. Maybe I am too declarative, but it seems to me that jMonkeyEngine SDK should provide natural support for easy creation of Scala projects. Scala is a way more powerful language than Java itself and I think in future there will be a significant amount of developers migrating. Innate support for Scala from jME would benefit both jME and Scala. Same goes for Clojure but currently not with same priority as Scala. Are there any plans to support simple creation of these projects? As far as I understand, it is not hard to do and should not take much effort anyways…

So far I have installed the latest Scala plugin for NetBeans and tried simply creating a “Hello World” Scala project in jME3 SDK and this is the error that I get upon launching:

D:workjmonkey_projectsScalaTestnbprojectbuild-impl.xml:42: You must set SCALA_HOME or environment property and append “-J-Dscala.home=scalahomepath”

property to the end of “netbeans_default_options” in NetBeansInstallationPath/etc/netbeans.conf to point to

Scala installation directory.

BUILD FAILED (total time: 0 seconds)

I have been unable to locate that file, and adding the path to the jmonkeyengine.conf instead changes nothing. I am also unable to choose the Scala platform folder from the Tools → Scala Platforms wizard. It recognizes the folder with Scala as something special (has a strange grey biased rectangular mark upon the folder) but it does not allow to choose the folder.

Why on earth would we support Scala?? oO The language has features that are nice when programming but totally throw off most JVM’s so that they execute Sala programs even slower sometimes. Anyway scala fully supports using proper java libraries (like jme3) so I don’t see the issue here. Read the manual of the scala plugin.

Did not know that, sorry! I was working with Scala in Processing, it did not show any performance loss (by my own measurement), but there was less code and more pleasure in coding) I will have to go the round way then, no problem, thank you!

Hi, I am new to JMonkeyEngine, but not new to Scala, And I really prefer to write Scala than in most other languages. So what do you mean with this:

@normen said:
The language has features that are nice when programming but totally throw off most JVM’s so that they execute Sala programs even slower sometimes

Is it really an argument to dump the support of a language, because it has features that might be slow? There are even people who like to develop in ruby, and that is even slow if you don't use it's powerful features. I do understand that you don't want scala specific classes in the API, but an encouragement to use jME with scala would be nice.

I mean that a JVM expects the code to be written in a certain way (like a coder would do “clean code”) to optimize it best and that the actual java bytecode scala creates doesn’t look like that and hence cannot be properly optimized. I think its this video where he mentions this fact shortly: