Navigation Mesh generation at a runtime

Dear JME Experts,

For my project, I try to find a way to work with navigation mesh and here are some questions about it:

  1. I have an environment, where for example a wall can be destroyed and therefore start to be a part of navigation path. Or another object could fall down and make that some space cannot be part of navigation path anymore.

What is the best practice for implementing it?

  1. My scene consists of two houses location with outside of the street.
    Each house is a different mesh, outside of the street is a different mesh too.

Converting them into one mesh, would affect a lean process (blender editing, texturing, etc).
But if it is a best-practice, would do it. How do you do it usually?

  1. Dynamic (run-time) navigation mesh generation.
    I saw there is an external library from Momoko_fan cai_nmgen_study, which allows to do dynamic mesh generation based on the scene objects (has NavMeshGenerator object). However, it seems it is not developed further, and I saw in forum an error reported.

Is this library still functional? If not, are there alternatives to it?

I would really appreciate your help guys.

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My first thought would be to implements some kind of event system which tells you when something special has happended like you said a wall got destroyed and so on. Then I would create a listener which listens to such events and creates a new NavMesh for the new scene.

I don’t know the library from @Momoko_Fan so I can’t help with that.

Nevertheless, I hope I could help at least a little bit.

Best regards