Need a simple niftyGUI example

Hello all, I can’t understand how niftyGUI works :frowning: .

Someone can give me a simple example with a text field and a button and when click on the button, a Java controller get the value of the text field please.

Please, nobody can do it ?

sorry, that’s not possible. Nifty is way to complicated for such tasks and there does not exists ANY documentation for things like that on the net or even in source code. really, I’ve searched all over and was not able to find any example code like that. seems like google is not my friend anymore :frowning:


I am sorry, I forgot google -_-".

Thanks google :smiley:

I made a jme-ready version of the official Nifty GUI 1.3 examples.

You can open the project in the jMonkeyPlatform, or use “ant run” on the command line. Please send me feedback whether it works for you. It takes time to figure out the syntax, but having samples to copy is always cool…

PS: Void, if that’s supposed to be irony, is pretty cynical :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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