Need a wiki page for Monkey Blaster

The forum is having too many troubles with formatting, and mangles HTML entities when redisplaying a post for editing. These things “just work” in the wiki so I’d like to use that as the place to edit the demo as work progresses.

Something along the lines of jme3:demo:monkey-blaster would be nice.

Sure thing. I added it under a new “Game Tutorials” category within Intermediate: (for editing)

To edit it you gotta be a URL h4x0r again, because the top menu bar is missing for the wiki atm (will make thread about it).

About the HTML mangling, if you know the steps to reproduce it, please report it as a bug on the bbPress Trac.

I can’t do much good trying to report the problems.
It’s broken in several ways (translates <>& to & lt; & gt; & amp; when editing, translates & lt; etc. to < etc. when saving the edited text; ignores strikethrough inside italic, possibly more nested markup problems; eats line breaks under unknown conditions), it’s using multiple plugins, I’d be unable to provide even the first follow-up questions I’d get: “What plugins are installed”, “have you tried disabling plugins”, “how is your BBPress configured”.

No problems with URL häx1ng here, this will work, thanks :slight_smile: