Need Game Ideas :Z

So hello everyone my name is Eth , I have been using jMonkeyEngine for over a year now, I did learn everything in it and yeah now I am ready to make my First Game!

But the problem is… I have no game idea.

Does anyone have an idea ? How can I think of a game idea?

What kind of game should I make?

Does anyone want to team up maybe? Ty everyone :smile:

Are you interested in any specific genre or are you open for anything?

Do you want to make a mobile game, desktop game or both?

I am interested in making any kind of games but it should be 3D,

I want to make both desktop game and mobile game ( 2 versions for the game ) :smiley:

a game like doom or something like Shotgun Frenzy – Total Chaos which is a doom wad? Seems really cool to make a game like that

What kind of games have you made before?

Good place to start is to build something similar to what you like already with minor changes.

Retro 3d pixel first person shooter? Isometric adventure game like diablo? Flappy bird clone? I’m just throwing ideas around to gain interest in.

It’s a good idea but I am not really interested in these kind of games :smiley:

pspeed, I have already made 2D games and 3D kind of Games (example: 3D pacman)

But the problem is:

  1. I suck at making 3D models

  2. I am not good at working alone

I have worked before With some companies and everything worked well but most of them got closed :angry:

also I have worked in Harder Languages than Java example: C++ and what I mentioned above is the only problem I have right now :slight_smile:

You are the team… you will attract others by doing. If you do not have the skills yet to “do” then pick something simpler.

What kind of games have you made before? (asked a second time)

If the answer is “none” then you should start with something simpler like asteroids. Someone with the skills to write a full game could write asteroids in 1-2 days. If that is not you then writing it will teach you a ton of stuff that is directly applicable to your next project. After all, we don’t learn something like mathematics by starting right away solving complex calculus equations… we start smaller and work our way up.

…and by the time you have those skills, you will have a hundred ideas… so many you will never have time to do them all.


I like to play Europa Universalis IV. It is the only game of its kind. I’d really like to play open-source grand strategy (more simple than EU4 ofc). I think it is more easier to make this kind of game than making an AoE-like RTS.

@pspeed, I agree with you. Man, once your brain gets going, the ideas doesn’t want to stop and there is no time for everything.
@eth, I would say make a quest game where you control a player from a top down view and guide him to solve problems and collect items. This is simple enough an it will require you to use the basic things in jME such as, scene graph, physics, sound, gui and terrain.

Hiya @eth,

yeah… let me start with agreeing with @pspeed. You will suffer from too many ideas, and wind up with a project like mine if you are not careful… lol. That said, I am taking the long route, and heading down a PITA filled road that I am enjoying the crap out of.

Yeah, I had the problem, of deciding which type of game to sta… ok, scratch that. I knew exactly what type of game I wanted. I wanted an arche-type game manager that had nods to a lot of different types of games. The arch game would hold character/global stats and the various game modules would extrude/incorporate the the stats when they are fired up. I’m focusing on 4 game modes for my initial release, and because I am still on my toolset to get everything coordinated… I’ve still got quite a ways to go. Also, I am documenting my progress over on Youtube, so that is kinda slowing me down, as well. ← There is a reason for the documentation, and I think it’s awesome.

I haven’t announced my game here at the forums, yet, because I believed that everyone already had their own idea that they were focusing on… you are the first one that I’ve heard who doesn’t already have their own vision of “the game”. So, if you’d like to join in, I’ll officially announce my game Iteag, and make the formal invitation to the JME community, under User Code & Projects.

It’s going to be “open source” much like JME is. It’s going to be well documented, with work flow videos, and architectural considerations expressed. The documentation will help draw people to JME and make more programmers available in general. Then it will be up to my business model to attract devs to extend the game for fun and profit. That’s the reason for all of my videos. And if it’s just me, which I naturally assume to be the case, … It will take a long time. But along the way, I’ll be making toolsets / systems that will be available to the JME community, so “Yay”. :smiley:

I do plan to sell the game and make money. It’s just not to the point in development where I believe I can attract people to the idea. As in, I haven’t implemented enough functionality to “draw” people in with an awesome demo vid.

That’s all I had to say, and the playlist where I list the base idea set for my game is here:

If you want to run with your own thing, that’s just fine. There might be something in playlist of ideas that will inspire you for your game. None of these ideas are original, I am just going to blend them into my game to make the storyline presentation / gameplay awesome.

So, the script is set. The basic architecture for the game flow is set. I am just implementing it now, for however long it takes me to complete it. My progress is literally viewable on Youtube, and I don’t think that I will actually attract anybody to help until I have more visible progress. That’s why I’m not really hitting up folks to help out on assets/code, yet. But, meh, I did my Steam Greenlight Idea pitch, to start the project / declare a starting point, and I am not stopping until I finish it.

Game On,

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Wow… That’s the best Video I have ever saw in my life!! I really hope that I can work with you At anytime That is just awesome, I am almost perfect in Java programming but the only problem is that I need someone who can help me and I can help him too! :smile: Also I really liked the Idea of your game, it’s new and sounds really fun! I have been trying to think of a game idea for over a year now and I just couldn’t find any , lol

If you want to talk more about it then here is my facebook account:

Note: this statement kind of shows your inexperience. I’ve been doing Java professionally since before 1998 and have worked with lots of super smart guys… none of us would have ever said such a thing.

Test your skills. Write a simple Asteroids game. It is the single easiest game to write. Use some mock graphics (a JME sphere shape for the asteroids and a JME box for the ship and bullets). If that takes you more than 4 or 5 hours then you still have a bunch to learn.

…which is ok, because we all still have a bunch of learn.

Everything you learn trying to write an asteroids clone is directly applicable to your next game. That’s time you won’t waste next time.

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what I am trying to say that I have never had a problem dealing with a code In java or at least jMonkeyEngine, And of course there is still some things that I don’t know in java but yeah I will write the asteroids game and I will give it to you in less than 5 hours if you want :smiley: I will start to program it now ,

but can you tell me what is Asteroids game about? I have never played such a game :slight_smile: p.s: I wasnt born in 1998 I am still 14 years old and was born in 2000 haha :slight_smile:

Implement it without saucers. You just need some asteroids that blow apart (into smaller asteroids) when you shoot them and a ship that flies around to shoot them. You control the ship only with acceleration, ie: you can rotate it and thrust but thrust only affects acceleration.

Basic physics equations:
velocity = velocity + acceleration * tpf
pos = pos + velocity * tpf

…the core of like every video game ever.

Ah… to be 14 again and have no idea how much I still don’t know. :slight_smile:

Okay thank you very much I will start to program it now :slight_smile:

You can download a playable version here:

‘A’ ‘D’ - rotate left and right
‘W’ - thrust
space - fire

It took me longer to do the graphics and sounds than to write it… and I was trying to fit it into an entity system at the time.

@eth, thank you for the compliment. My idea is not a new idea, however. It consists of old ideas formed together to support a storyline/universe. They did the same thing with Spore’s architecture, I believe. And yes, I would love to have you aboard the project. I will complete my current task of the DarkMonkey LaF/FaC combo for the upcoming SDK 3.1 release, and then, before I resume work on the Tonegod GUI Visual Editor… I will make sure to announce Iteag over on the User Codes & Projects side. So, in the meantime, run with @pspeed’s suggestion and have some fun with video game programming.

@pspeed: Agreed, and at age 14… our bodies/brains are also set at maximum development for the transitition into adulthood. This is usually the formation time for “John Carmacks” and “Bill Gates”. True, we still have the most “green”, but we also usually don’t have the “jaded” and “pessimism” from exposure to corporate environments and the majority of puberty.

I will totally pass on the desire to be 14 again, though. I am a fugly, and socially awkward…I think… not sure. Anyways, yeah… to have to go through all of my experiences, again… yeah, I pass on that desire, LOL.