Need help and/or direction!

Hey guys.

This is my first forum post after many weeks of reading and watching various tutorials and examples. I have worked my way through these tutorials but I still feel a little lost in the world of JME.

I want to create a (reasonably) simple FPS type game. I thought the best thing for me to do would be to first create a terrain and a character and then have the character run around the terrain. Everything else (ie. functionality, interationality, effects, objects…) can then be built on that. I want it to be as simple as it can be for the initial hurdle, just a man in a field essentially.

The trouble is that everything I have read has let me still unknowing where to proceed. I have tried to use monkeyworld3D to create a terrain but it is quite hard, the website lacks and I am finding it hard to find decent tutorials. Nevertheless I think I could create a terrain but after which I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I have also used Blender to create some 3D models and don’t think it’d be too much of a problem to use these in the game.

My Java programming is still beginner (not total beginner just mostly beginner) but I don’t think this will hinder me too much as I am able to logically follow and expand on other peoples examples, I am just yet to find an example doing similar to what I want.

So, my question is…

Can somebody please throw me a life line and help me out with how to proceed?

Many thanks,


  1. Set up JME in Eclipse IDE (you will find the tutorial on the wiki page)
  2. Check the examples and their source code
  3. Make changes to the examples

Follow the FlagRush tutorials to learn how to build the terrain.


I have set up JME in Eclipse already, I have had fun messing about with the example effects and physics.

The FlagRush tutorial is something that I didn't follow, I just breezed over it. I will follow this one and complete it propperly.

Thanks guys