Need help! DDS texture cannot flip automally

My project is using DDS format image, but it seems JME2 still cannot support DDS texture flip, I have tried to pass true/false as 'flipped' param to TextureManager.loadTexture, but the result is the same…

So is it a bug still not patched ? I really need your guys` help, thx in advance .

Even if tis not a solution, but why not just using a a different format or invert the textures in a paint like programm?

thx for your reply, I want to confirm it is a bug still not patched, not because I am inexperienced.

For the purpose of the project, the dds format is required, so it seems invert the texture by myself is the only way for me to try.

jME3 has DXT/LATC flipping… in other words it can flip DDS textures. However right now there's a little bug that I noticed just now, will fix in a sec.

Here's the relevant code, by the way:

I am so glad to hear JME3 make a greate progress about this issue, thx, I will check it .  :smiley: