Need Help Designing System for My Entitys

I have an understanding of how to make it happen but I was wanting some input on how it should be done in jME3. So what I want is a collision event, a scan event, and a range Event.

“I am using an array list to hold entity’s and now I am using physics for collision”.

Collision Event I am using bound intersect.

Scan Event I am casting a ray from calling entity to target Entity ignoring the calling spatial and checking if the next is the target spatial.

Range Event Check this entity’s range value agents all other entity’s range values and see if they overlap.

So to sum all this up I am wondering if any one has any better ideas Ideas or is there something I missed that jMonkey already has?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

there is no such thing as “events” in an entity system…?

@normen said:
there is no such thing as "events" in an entity system..?

What do you mean?

Entity's should be able to call "Triggers" for interaction Unity and Acknex's entity's have this functionality.

oh, you don’t mean an actual entity system, you mean a system for your game entities, sorry ^^ Ghost object overlap checks and collision listeners are probably what you’re after. MonkeyZone has all the code for AI running around and checking for enemies etc, maybe look at that.


Yes that is what I am talking about sory about that.

I did think to look there but I cant seem to get Monkey Zone to compile with the latest stable version of JMP.

I know I could just parse through the source :).